Our journey started in 1995 when we move to India to start village development. After three years working in the villages we moved back to America to start A Touch Of Love Foundation in Jun 2000.

We are an all volunteer organization. No one has ever been paid in our 20 years of work.

We focus on education as the permanent solution to poverty. All children in our program attends school. To allow the children to learn they may need food, tuitions, medical care, uniforms and books. All are provided at each project site as needed. Some children lack a home so we built and run a Children’s home in South India with 22 girls and 20 boys. We have since added programs to help Tibetan refugees in Northern India, poor children and Haitian refugees in the Dominican Republic. Our goal is the same: take the feeling of hopelessness that poverty and personal disaster can bring housing and medicare for a bright future.

Your donation can support many children go to school.

Bringing peace to heart of a child.