29 Jul
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  • Cause in Africa


1. We are still helping the American mother with Lupus to get back to work and take care of her two children. We paid for food and part of the rent this month.

2. The mother on dialysis we told you about last newsletter died in India in May. We take care of her four children in our Children’s Home.

3. We are building a new classroom for our AIDS orphans in Ghana at their school and it will be ready by September to start the new school year.

4. We sent 100 children camping in June from our slum area school in the Dominican Republic. We bought 5 tents and tons of food for the trip. Many of the children who went are Haitian immigrants.

5. We planted 45 more trees in Dhablepuri, India to continue the micro-industry building project there funded by Tree of Life Stores of Australia There are now 150 trees that will mature with fruit in a staggered time frame over the next three years.