29 Jul
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  • Cause in Africa


1. We are building a new Children’s Home in southern Tamil Nadu, India.  It will be home to 20 girls and 20 boys, ranging from 1st grade to college.  The boy’s hostel, kitchen, storage room, all bathrooms and toilets are finished.  We are completing the girl’s hostel and 1,000 squares foot dining hall/study hall right now.

2. We sent a Tibetan woman with stomach pains to large hospital one hour away.  She now needs an operation in Chandigarh about six hours drive from her home.  We are arranging the trip with a translator and a person to take care of her children for the days she is gone.

3. We pay two South Indian families, whose two sons drowned together, the monthly cost of raising their other two children.   They were working and leaving the boys alone after school when the boys drowned.  Now the mothers have enough income to be home after a shorter day of work to meet the other children after school each day.