23 Mar
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For almost 11 years now we have paid for all the food, uniforms, electrical supplies, propane, school supplies and repairs for an orphanage in Higuey, Dominican Republic.  We used to bring the money with us and buy the food and supplies onsite.  Then we came once and they had send “home” 8 older boys because they ran out of food!  That very month, more than 11 years ago, we set up a system to send money every month and then re-supply when we come to the orphange 2-3 times a year.  Onsite we also evaluate the structural problems and unique situations.  Once we had to buy 13 light bulbs, six light switches and four light outlets as the place was so dark.  Next trip we rebuilt the basketball court and added 50% more length, painted the court and removed the barbed wire nearby.  One trip someone had donated a washer and dryer but they had no electrical or water connections to use them.  Their electrical supply was two lone wires coming to the house held up by a pipe.  We established a real electrical box and the 30 amp wiring necessary to run a dryer.  We had to re-route the water so we could have proper drains for a washing machine.

Sometimes you just have to let children have fun!  We pay for all the boys to go camping for six days by a river every July.  We provide a Christmas party every year with gifts and a full dinner.  All of our visits include extra food and repairing or supplying what is needed by the boys.  They get to pick out their own school shoes, pants and sports pants at the store each August before school starts.