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For 6 years now we have given education, clothes, food and medical care to Tibetan families living in Northern India.  We visit four times a year and add new families each trip on the advice of Tibetans living there who know their neighbors.  Now we have children at five different Tibetan schools who could not pay the school fees because of financial problems.  We pay for school fees, books and uniforms.

Our Foundation’s way of helping is to let the people themselves decide who has the most need.   So we ask restaurant managers and hotel managers if they know of Tibetans who were struggling to get enough food, clothes or education for their children.  They all know someone who needed help.  There was a family where the daughter left and the grandparents were trying to raise three young children.  There was a family who had a father who lost most of his sight and thus his job and he and his wife have four children.  Others were receiving great help from their government in exile but could still not find money for shoes, enough food or warm clothes.

A Touch of Love Foundation now pays tuition bills, buys food monthly, clothes, books, and even help several elderly Tibetans with little means of support.  We are in the community as school starts, before the monsoon, right before winter when in gets very cold and snows, and when the second term starts.