Jun 2020

Jun 2020
We have now sent four rounds of money and food to over 120 families in India on lockdown. They have had no work since 23 March when the strictest lockdown in the world started with police in the streets with barricades.
In the north of India, we expanded our help for Tibetan refugees with rent, food and medical care. Even families that normally would be self-sufficient are unable to survive with their shop or stall closed or the restaurant or hotel they work at closed.
In central India, we delivered food every 15 days to day laborers and their families who had no work and no money. We will have to add a 5th time 15 July unless things change as their state has the worse coronavirus in India.
Our Children’s Home is south India had 42 students on lockdown 24/7 with staff. The school was canceled for the year and we don’t know when it might start; the new school year usually starts around 7 June. We had to drill a new well in June as the pump stopped working in the old well and then jammed in the pipe when we tried to replace it. We hit the water at 290 feet and drilled to 360 feet to keep it open for years.