Lunch in South India.
Providing food.

The draught and work are completely related.  Without crops to plant and to harvest, our poorest families have no day labor in the fields and their income goes way down.  Already marginal, the food they have for their families becomes rice and chapatis, a flat bread. Maybe a few vegetables.  The school kids in the poorest area were lethargic and all of them tested low in hemoglobin. So, in addition to the breakfast we have been serving for years, we added a high protein lunch at the end of each school day.  This includes fish curry meals as shown in the pictures on the previous page! What happened when we did this? Attendance went to 100% every day.  The teachers say that they have never seen the children so active, healthy and able to do their school work.  One said it’s a miracle!  The staff are so enthusiastic that if we will continue to fund lunch they will volunteer to come and serve food over the summer break that lasts 6 weeks.  Of course, our Foundation agreed to pay for food and a cook through the vacation that starts in April and goes to June.  This way the children will still be vibrant and full of energy when the school year starts again the second week of June.  Otherwise the students would take a huge backslide over so many weeks of no protein.  It would take weeks to get the children up to normal health.